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Attention: Business Managers who need to accelerate their continuous improvement efforts

Save time on your continuous improvement projects and get better results with our StreamLiner software 

If you are involved with Lean, Six Sigma, or any other type of process improvement then our StreamLiner software can help you to save time and accelerate your results:
  • Dive straight in to finding improvements with our built in templates and work sheets.
  • Convert observations, issues, and findings quickly into prioritised improvement plans using the built in tools.
  • Become more effective by managing multiple improvement plans through one simple to use dashboard and ensure that your teams are working on the optimal improvement strategy for your business.
Take the complexity out of managing numerous change projects, whilst driving improvements rapidly into your business with StreamLiner for a one of cost off $59 (USD).

A fully illustrated instruction guide is included, to help you get the most out of the software. Getting started can take just a few minutes and the software is very easy to learn. You can view the guide here.

To get your copy today choose the correct option below and then follow the shopping cart instructions.

If you have Microsoft Access (version 2003 or greater) then select this version.

If you do not have Microsoft Access* then please click the button below. Microsoft Windows only.

* This version has a run time license included, please do not purchase if you have Microsoft Access (2003 or later) already on your PC.

Here's what one of our user's thinks of StreamLiner:

"As a SHEQ and Maintenance Manager I need to deal efficiently and effectively with a number of key areas within the business; on a day to day basis and also over the medium and long term. To do this I need operational and management systems that allow me to focus on these key areas with relative ease, allowing them to be suitably and sufficiently maintained whilst always striving for continual improvement.

The StreamLiner package, as the name indicates, has allowed me to streamline my data into one management system. Initially being used as an auditing tool, it has now proven to be an invaluable tracking and PPM system that is used frequently. It is also used for meetings, process analysis, and for projects where cost/benefit analysis is required. So whether I have my health and safety, environment, quality, or maintenance hat on, the StreamLiner system always has something to offer."

Michael Haley

We hope that you decide to use StreamLiner to help your business accelerate its improvement plans.

Giles Johnston and Robert Broughton