The Kaizen Focus Tool

Take your Kaizen / continuous improvement (CI) programme to the next level with the Kaizen Focus Tool and never be stuck for ideas and opportunities again.
Generate ideas in seconds once you
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Many businesses struggle to generate meaningful Kaizen ideas once they get past their immediate problems.

An effective strategy to get past this point is to be really specific about the kind of improvements you need to see happen.

Enter the Kaizen Focus Tool.

This Android app allows you to generate a random continuous improvement focus which guides your team to brainstorm new Kaizen suggestions very efficiently.

The business processes and improvement factors can be tailored to suit your business’ needs quickly using the simple interface. It only takes seconds to do (there is a help guide should you need it).

So, customise the lists, create a focus, start the timer and brainstorm.

You won’t be stuck for Kaizen opportunities again.

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