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Do you want more control over your production management?

One of the biggest production management challenges is maintaining control over the projects and orders flowing through the business. Keeping all of the balls in the air (so to speak) is sometimes a difficult job. But, if you can get a grip of the few things that matter this can become far easier.

Is delivering on time a struggle?

I write a lot about on time delivery in this blog. Delivering products and services on time can provide other indicators (that things are working in the business): An effective management approac h is in place. Meaningful Key Performance Indicators are in use. A disciplined way of working, with good habits, is evident. ...but only if delivering on time isn't a struggle.

Growing your business through on time delivery performance

Everyone expects products and services to be delivered on time . It’s a basic ‘satisfier’ in any business transaction or project. So, why would I be writing about this as a strategy to grow a business? The world changes quickly (I’m sure that you have noticed!) and with these changes comes new problems to overcome. Customers change their buying habits, new products and services add complexity to the organisation of the delivery and production side of your business. Expectations are increased through the ongoing proliferation of e-commerce and on demand services. So, although on time delivery is expected it is not always experienced.

Making It Happen - now available as an instant download!

After receiving a number of requests, I have made the Making It Happen course available as an instant download.

Can a quick walk around your business increase your profits?

Management by walking around is a great concept. The amount of information you can gather by having just a quick tour of part of your business is astounding. Small details that would be missing from management reports can be picked up easily from even just having a few minutes of your day invested in a brief stroll... as long as it is done with the right focus. A safe and productive working environment An obvious application of the walk around is to ensure that Health and Safety issues are adhered to. Clear walkways, organised working areas and a feeling of things working the way that they should are just a few things you can check for. If you see something that isn't right you can do something about it, there and then. You don't have to wait for a committee meeting to take place, action can be swift and effective.