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What does a good project look like to you?

Last week I was faced with another client project that is falling over. Not a problem, been here before with other clients. But, I don't want to go back to this with the same client... I bet they don't either. Before I rolled up my sleeves and started helping them out, I paused. I asked the owner of the business one question: "What does a good project look like, to you?" Together we drew out a shopping list of things that would form a great project, from delivering it on time to ensuring that they got the outcomes that they were planning for. I like simple questions like this. They force you to think and from here better results are possible. If I just fix something for a client then there is a good chance that the same problem will re-appear in the following months. This is exactly the "teach a person to fish..." approach. So, what does a good project look like for you? How would it be specified? What communication would you have around the project? How oft