Thursday, 7 February 2008

The formation

Whilst feeding some ducks with the end of a loaf of bread the seagulls descended.

They frantically flapped their wings as they tried to catch the bread I was throwing for the ducks.

After about half a minute I noticed that they were in a formation that moved together as the bread was thrown, with amazing coordination. This made me think about some of the organisations that I had observed over the years.

Departments that don't get on with other departments.

Departments that don't understand the other departments.

Departments that don't consider the other departments.

Organisations that have departments like these struggle and if they tried to get in the same formation as the seagulls would have bumped their wings within seconds and crashed into the water!

What are the relationships like between departments in your business - do they help deliver projects, products and services in an effective and efficient manner?

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