Monday, 18 February 2008

Mature options

When options are put forward to a business by eager people working within them many of the ideas don't see an implementation.

In my experience many of these ideas are thrown out because the organisation is not ready for them. Not that the organisation realises this - it's just another one of those things that 'we can't do at the moment'.

Some ideas are put to management teams that need an environment one or two steps higher than the organisation's currrent status. If you are faced with ideas that cannot be implemented in the near future take a moment or two to work out what gaps need to be bridged in order to see a situation that can accomodate these ideas.

In many cases it is only by working backwards that we can see the way forward. As we identify the steps that we would need to take to reach an objective we gain clarity of a route that can develop and improve the organisation.

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