Friday, 4 July 2008

What's in it for me?

When a discussion around improvement is taking place it is pretty easy to see who is interested in taking part and who is not. One of the most interesting discussions that takes place is when you turn around the discussion to the people who we need to convince.

Asking them 'how would you be better off from doing this?' or 'what could you get out of this?' are two questions that usually throw up some interesting answers.

When people see the improvement as just a necessity that is going to make life harder for them we have an opportunity to discuss with them the positive aspects of the project, and if we can get them onboard (as usually happens when doing this) we can find a better solution that really does leave them better off than when they started.

Next time you find yourself getting stuck 'negotiating' an improvement feel free to try asking the above questions.

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