Friday, 27 February 2009

Team members missing deadlines

Do you ever have those moments on projects when you see that some team members don't hit the deadlines for projects? In my observations this is mainly when the people offending have 'day jobs' as well as their project roles.

The type of deadline missing that I am talking about is when not enough understanding is present - so inaction takes place. The missing of the deadline is not down to a lack of time, but a lack of understanding about what needs to happen.

One way to improve this situation is to get the team member to affirm the request back to you when you have just given the instruction. Their grasp of what is required and your requirements should either be really clear, or fuzzy and difficult for the team member to articulate. If it is the latter then this is the ideal chance to clarify what is needed and then to develop a methodology together.

So many projects get delayed and drawn out because people don't quite understand what they need to do. Help them using this approach.

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