Friday, 8 May 2009

An excellent plan?

If we recognise the need for change within our business then why does so little change actually take place? One of the reasons is that plans and approaches don’t get agreed upon. With so many factors to take into account we can find ourselves lost with options and the feeling that we must get it 100% right. Whilst I don’t advocate getting it wrong their may be a simple approach to moving forward on our improvement projects (or any other project for that matter).

If we can agree on the start of the project – a place to start – then we have the opportunity to make a difference (a tiny difference  in most cases). From doing this we can gain momentum, use newly gained knowledge to define more (or all) of the plan, and very importantly, we can find some common ground with our colleagues to agree on how we move forward.

The start of a plan may be all it takes to get projects moving and a business to move forwards. If your business is getting stuck why not give this approach a go?

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