Friday, 5 June 2009

Appropriate level of detail

There appears to be an ongoing conflict when it comes to the level of detail on projects, meetings or in specifications. Getting the right level of detail is key to making sure that activity progresses smoothly, but there is often a lack of consistency around how we approach detail.

If we get the level of detail wrong we can end up with an outcome that we don’t want. We could find that by having too much or too little detail we can get side tracked, delayed, or lost with the work we are involved with.

By having too little detail we could miss important tasks that have a big impact on the end result.

By having too much detail we risk closing down opportunities for exploration.

Whilst I am not advocating what level of detail needs to be applied to your work I am asking you to consider this factor and ask yourself this question ‘is the level of detail I am working on appropriate to the work that I am doing?’

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