Thursday, 1 October 2009

What do you really want?

Have you ever been to that meeting where various issues get discussed and consensus is achieved, yet the actions don’t seem to reflect what was discussed?

What is the reason for this, and how do we overcome this problem in the future?

In many cases the level of information is not sufficient. Time that passes between the agreement of the action and its execution can be too long, allowing the gist of the action to change. Having a slightly higher level of information can make a difference in that the accuracy of the action can be improved. We’re not talking about huge increases in information, just that little bit more that can help give the exact outcome you’re looking for.

So how can you proceed if you are faced with this situation?

Confirm the action with the people responsible so that clarity is present (so that only one outcome can occur) and help them to schedule their activity so that the task gets done sooner rather than later.

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