Friday, 13 November 2009

A lack of sequence

We all know that our projects and our tasks are a collection of steps. We take time to map our work (looking for improvements) and then find that productivity does not increase as a result.

Could it be that we are reviewing the wrong areas? Could we be better off by doing something different that just mapping what we think we do?

Sometimes the improvement that we need is at a very lowest level within the organisation's efforts - in the day to day activities, not necessarily the strategic ones. How we file our work, how we decide when to give the information to the next stage of the process and the format of the information can all have big impacts in the productivity of our work area.

When we don't understand what the best sequence is for our work we find ourselves not being as efficient as we could be.

What is the right sequence for the work in your business?

Can you engineer the handovers and sequences of work so that you can become more productive in your work?

Have a look at your day to day sequences of work and ask yourself this question 'can this be done in a better way?'

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