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Experiment, iterate and enjoy!

Many people get hung up on 'getting it right first time'. This is a good motto in many instances. For example, 'right first time' is a great way to be when you are visible to your clients, or if you are repeating a process of some sort and getting wrong has significant cost implications. However, when we are trying to find a new solution, focussing on getting the result right the first time can result in people not trying new things. We need to be willing to experiment, and to tweak the approach until we get it right.

If you can show your team and your staff that 'not right first time' is a pre-cursor to getting better results, you can lead them into more productive and innovative ways of working.

Using small scale pilots for testing out new ideas and approaches in the workplace is low risk and a way of making effective changes happen.

Experiment with the way that your business works so that you can make it even better.

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