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Get close to the point of origin

Sometimes things just need to happen as quickly as possible to the point at which it occurred. When actions are delayed from this point a lack of detail can occur that can make a big difference to the outcome.

For example if you have a meeting and need to agree the actions do it at the meeting, if you wait a day then you won’t remember the same amount of detail that you would have done yesterday – the oomph will have gone.

If notes need to be written up then doing them as soon as possible after the event is key as clarity and accuracy decays quickly as time passes.

Decisions made too long after the need to make the decision can skew the choice made, being able to make effective relevant immediate decisions is a great skill.

In many instances closing out actions, making decisions and capturing information as close to the point of origin is a great business benefit. Is this worth reflecting upon in your business?

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