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Great information with low effort

Information that can help an organisation needs to flow through the business. In many cases this consideration, or the effort to produce the information, stops the information from flowing.

The information does not need to be excessive. If you ask the members of your business what information needs to be produced you will often find that the requirements are refreshingly light.

There are usually easy and low (or no) cost ways of getting the information out. Ask around there is usually something you can piggy back to help the information flow.

Don’t spend too much time on the documentation. However you get the information out this is disposable, for internal use only. Quick and effective is order of the day. Creating a standard format to provide consistency is a good idea to help this information to both cascade properly and look acceptable.

Find out what information can help oil the wheels in your business, it can reduce the level of unhelpful rumours and also improve productivity. Come up with a quick way to produce and propagate this information and then get to it! 

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