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Focus on the system

The system in any business is what drives the performance. The individuals (the personalities) are essential to make the system work, but the performance of the overall business is due to the system. If you focus on the system then you are focussing on improving the overall business, not just pockets of activity within.

When we look at the individuals we take our eye off the process that converts our customers wishes and wants into tangible products and services. Keeping this in mind means that we can work on developing our business system and improving the performance of individuals within the business at the same time.

The system comprises of many parts outside of the individual, when we look at the whole system we are able to identify small improvements that can have large benefits. When we focus on the individual’s performance we ignore the large mass of the business that still isn’t improving.

When we allow the individual to flourish through the system that defines the business we can experience fantastic performance. When they work in harmony (great people and great systems) that is when customer’s become delighted.

If your focus is on the whole system then you can experience great performance from your business. If you are lost purely in the detail then you will miss opportunities to improve your performance. Get the balance right and let people thrive in a brilliant business system.

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