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Offer people a route to take

When a change needs to happen within a business it can sometimes be frustrating to the business management to see a lack of progress. In many cases a route needs to be provided that clearly marks out the transition that will need to be made.

If support is provided to help make the change then the uptake is higher. Leaving the change to happen on its own may mean that it will not happen if the perceptions of the people needing to make the change are significantly different to those dictating the change.

Discussions around the change usually throw up issues and beliefs that do not have a basis in reality. Dealing with these issues and beliefs allows the change to happen with less resistance.

Defining milestones of change can provide a short term focus that can help many people to follow the route. If the overall change process looks too big, or too long (or both) then those people required to make the change may procrastinate. Showing our team how to progress in small straightforward steps can usually help.

So, change doesn't happen easily if we cannot explain the route we need to take. By discussing the issues around the change and dividing the change process up into small, manageable chunks we can significantly improve how quickly and how effectively we change and improve our businesses.

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