Friday, 8 October 2010

Do you have a lack of options?

When you are looking to make improvements in your business do you find that your idea gets shot down too quickly? Ensuring that you have a number of options to choose from means that you can have better chances of people saying 'yes' and that you as a business get to choose the best option rather than just settling for the only option.

When the other members of your business have five reasons not to go ahead with something, it may be in your interest to have six reasons why you should go ahead. The more options you have the better view of the world you obtain.

When we have a limited range of choices we cannot guarantee that we are making the best choice. The more creativity we can employ to create options means that we are going to be presenting ourselves with a better selection - and this could mean better results.

The mere fact that we have more options means that if our plan gets stuck then we may be able to find another route to reach our objectives. A hybrid plan may well be the output when we find ourselves stuck, and having more options comes the rescue once more.

Having more options than is required is a great problem to have, unless this causes procrastination! If in doubt when you are looking to make a decision about your next business improvement generate some more ideas and then pick the best one!

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