Friday, 22 October 2010

Do you have too many spinning plates?

When we are faced with many ongoing projects and accountabilities we find that many of our desired outcomes do not materialise. By regulating how we allow our spinning plates into our work lives can make a big difference in how we achieve change and results.

When we focus on fewer items we can direct our energies so much more easily. If you have too many plates spinning why not put some of them away?

Some of the plates we allow to spin have little value to our overall work; these can be removed from our current workloads and disposed of accordingly.

Sometimes the mere fact that we keep thinking about other projects that we haven't started means that we need to find a way to stop thinking about those plates and to focus on the job at hand. Simple - keep a list.

If you have too many spinning plates then stop! Take stock of where you are and adjust what you are working on and get some focus back (as well as some results!).

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