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Establish your business datums

A datum is a reference point, something that you can look back to work out where you are. Business can move so quickly and by having some defined reference points you can make decisions quickly and consistently.

Being able to step back and see where you are can sometimes be difficult and requires objectivity. If you can see your datum and see where you are then an appropriate decision can be made as to what you need to do next. The gap is the action required.

A datum doesn't have to be a cold measurement (such as a KPI) it could be a principle that you use in the business to help guide thoughts and decisions. It could be something like 'take work seriously, but not each other' - reminding people on how to conduct their business and their interpersonal transactions.

When the datum is communicated through the business then the way people behave changes. Clarity improves action and, by having some definitions about the way the business can be referred to, people can choose their actions more appropriately.

If your team 'get lost' with their day to day work and are unsure of how to change, or what to change, then creating some datums / guiding principles in your business can make getting back on track easier. It might be worth taking an inventory of the current unofficial datums that are present, just in case they are not working for the common interest!

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