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Improvement is largely an attitude and a habit

One of the common questions we hear is 'how do we get started with improving our business, what are the tools to use?' The simple answer is that improvement is largely an attitude and a habit.

The desire to find new and better ways of working is the most prominent factor, when you couple this with a habit then things get done regularly and continuously. Sporadic improvements don't always generate the gains that you would hope for.

The tools that you can use to help facilitate change can make a real difference in specific situations, or if you need a framework to improve. If the desire and curiosity for change aren't present and aren't backed up with habitual actions then you will have an uphill struggle.

You can use lean and six sigma tools (for example) to help encourage the starting of an improvement culture in your workplace, but this needs to be backed up with forming habits. Time table sessions and adhere to your own schedule if that helps.

So, get started with improving and make it a habit. Make it fun and make it easy for your team to implement the changes. You can get a long way along the journey with just the right attitude and habits. Once you have some momentum build upon the progress with more information and education - you'll be pushing on an open door at that point, and the results will accelerate.

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