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Less theory and more action

There is so much information available on how to make changes work that it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. There are internet chat forums stuffed full of people trying to work out where to start. We can get tied up with the perfect application of theory, so perhaps it would be best to give ourselves a cut off point and just get started.

Waiting for the perfect plan is never a good option. There will always be another perspective or another viewpoint that will alter your plan. Having a considered plan that will give great results implemented is far better that waiting for the 'perfect' plan.

To compound this, there will always be something new appearing to distract you from making changes. There will always be a new technique to confound your plans. Whether the technique is really new, or a repackaging of a previous tool / set of tools is irrelevant, more techniques do not lead to more results.

Too much information can also cause confusion. If you are constantly sourcing additional pieces of information then stop. Decide on how much you need to make a decision and then take action as soon as possible.

So don't get tied up with getting the theory perfect. Get some information and some ideas and then make a decision. You will be able to refine as you go along should you need to (some information won't be available until you start implementing your plan!), so don't delay the process further. Take action without delay.

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