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Find the Improvement Slipstream

Change can be tough to accept for many people. If it were easier we would find that more improvements happened on their own, but they don't. However, if we can find something to pull improvements through a business, rather than pushing them, life can become a lot easier.

It's similar to a skip on a housing estate that gets filled by the neighbours in the dead of night. For years no one has cleared their garages, and then suddenly there is a window of opportunity (the skip) and the job gets done with ease.

The tiny changes we make in our business get around people's reluctance to change, but when there is a significant change all manner of other improvements can be made at the same time. People see the big change as inevitable and so are often more willing to accept the other changes brought in at the same time.

Whether the change is a new computer system, a restructure or a promotion it brings with it the opportunity to add in additional changes. Obviously the changes need to be of the same nature as the significant change or they won't be as accepted as easily. Please note that this is not an underhand way to make changes, just a more efficient way to get change accepted.

If your business struggles to make changes then find something significant that is changing and then piggy back it with other relevant changes. As one client put it 'look for the skip of change'!

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