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Purpose allows simplicity

Day to day business can get awfully complicated. When it starts to be too much is often the starting point for business improvement activity. However, streamlining and simplifying your processes without adequate focus can deliver less than optimal solutions.

It is crucial to remember why a process or system exists; this will help you re-focus your approach. In some cases processes can be eliminated rather than improved, things change and sometimes business processes don't follow.

When you come from the purpose of why a process exists a very complex situation is boiled down to its essence. When you have the 'aha' moment of what the purpose is, the myriad of steps within the process make sense and you can quickly find the improvement areas that are required and then come up with a simpler approach.

Coming from purpose cuts out the unnecessary, everything that doesn't help you achieve your purpose stands out like a sore thumb. Pruning becomes far simpler when it is agreed as to what you are meant to be doing. Usually, as time passes the additional tasks and activities that are passed into the team / department blur the original (purposeful) process, recalling purpose clarifies this.

To speed up your business improvement activities remember what the purpose of a process is, refocus your activities to prune away the unnecessary, and simplify the steps.

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