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Project completion made easier

At the end of many projects there is usually a rush to achieve the deadline. In many cases additional tasks seem to appear and make the task of completing a project on time a lot more difficult.

A way around this is preparation; understanding what tasks need to be completed at the end of the project helps to reduce the amount of surprises encountered. If you work backwards from the fully completed project you usually find it is relatively straightforward to identify the steps that need to take place.

Likewise, knowing how the project is meant to start effectively can also mean that there is less to do at the end. This is usually the most defined part of the project (as crystal balls work best with short horizons!), but often steps are missed out that mean that work has to happen at the end and not the start.

In the middle of the project there will be the bulk of the activity, the recommendation here is to understand how you close out the tasks, to ensure that they don't have to be looked at again. Rework and poor handovers during the large middle section of a project is where big delays can occur. Many of these issues are in your control too!

Project completion can be made easier if we approach projects as a sandwich. Detailed start and finishes planned from the outset and effective closure of tasks / handovers in the middle of the project. Have a look at how you plan and manage your projects and see if you can come up with your own improvements.

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