Thursday, 11 August 2011

Scope of Work – getting the packages right

When tasks are delegated to members within a team the clarity of the work packages can determine how fast the work gets done, the quality of the work produced and the amount of support that is required. Many businesses don’t get their packages right and this results in delays and poor performance.

Providing the background or focus for the package of work can set the proper context, which in turn allows the person doing the work to make the appropriate decisions. A lack of understanding of why the work needs to be done seriously impairs the ability to get the job done.

Clarification of the required outputs (or outcomes) from the package of work is also essential. This usually includes a deadline for completion of the agreed work and can help your team to work backwards to define the necessary steps to complete the work package. There may be specific steps that you need to include also.

Designing the work packages so that they can be inserted correctly into the next stage of activity is critical to ensure that unnecessary rework doesn’t need to take place. Many businesses have specific ways of working and standards to adhere to. If these are built into the scope of the work package then the amount of busyness decreases.

If your business suffers from low achievement of tasks then consider the way that you are packaging the work you delegate. Some simple changes to the way that the work is defined and scoped can make a big difference to the ease and speed of completion.

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