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It’s simple when you look from the right end!

Often the day to day running of a business can appear complex and confusing. This chaotic mess can make the act of improving the business seem more difficult that it really is.

If you take the perspective of cause and effect then the act of deciding on what changes need to take place should come from the causal point of view. When we look at the chaos we are looking at the effect of the current system and, whilst it can be used for reference, decisions should be made at cause (or how it should work).

When you go back to the design of the business then simplicity can also return. It can be difficult to try and force processes and people to change their behaviours when things aren’t going to plan, but when you alter the design of the system so that the work flows differently through the business then the results can change quickly. In this case you can start at the beginning and define how the business needs to work correctly step by step. When you get a couple of the initial steps working properly then the knock on effect to the latter stages of your business process will quickly become apparent.

In many cases the ‘things’ you put into your business aren’t the right fit. By this I mean that they don’t allow you to deliver your services and products in the simplest and most efficient way. From looking at the work you have taken on in the past and had problems with you can define ways of accepting work that ensure that they fit the business processes adequately.

When you look at your business from the wrong end improving it can seem like a really difficult task. When you look at it from a design perspective it can make life much simpler and the improvements far quicker to take effect.

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