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Know the delay at the next step

We rush around and try to get our part of the project completed. We bust our guts to get the job done, and then we find out that our work sits idly at the next stage waiting for.... something!

Many times during a project information isn't communicated accurately and this means that delays can build up between activities through different 'suppliers' having an unclear view of what the overall plan is.

By ensuring that you understand what the delay actually is, or working to avoid the delay, you can use your time and efforts more wisely to work on the right task at the right time.

Working with the other partners on a project to keep all of the elements moving along is a logical progression, minimising the overall delays on the project.

If we are unclear about the delays facing us in a project we risk running ahead of the real schedule whilst other parts of the business are lagging behind. Find out the real picture and re-allocate your resources accordingly!

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