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Plan, then execute

Planning and execution (the doing part) are often treated as the same activity. They are clearly separate; they have different names to begin with. When I say that they are treated as the same activity what I mean is that I often find that people will think about what they are doing (planning) as they are doing the task (execution). By this time they are already on a specific path and so the effect of their planning is limited.

Planning can be seen as another task to be completed. Another thing to do on an already straining ‘to do’ list. This is understandable with how workload’s seem to be nowadays. However, planning can be done very quickly, and can help to reduce the amount of work required to complete a task.

So, a small amount of planning could actually reduce the total workload you have in front of you. Coming up with a quick planning method that suits the way you work is the trick here, and that requires you to have a think about how you work best and what results you need.

I wonder what solution you come up with.

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