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The Statue of Change (Management)

One of the most common phrases you hear when you first embark on improvement project work is 'we've done all of this before'. Have you had this said to you?

If you have then there is a simple antidote to the situation, finding a 'statue of change'.

Find something in your organisation that doesn't work and that fits in to the remit of the change you are trying to make. Then, put all of your efforts into making sure that this specific change takes effect and works. Sometimes this requires extra effort to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

The key to making this strategy work however is to make sure that the change is visible. The change needs to be the statue referred to in the title, a monument for everyone to see that change really can happen.

If you are finding that your business change projects are being faced with resistance then it may be worthwhile  to consider a 'statue of change' for your business. Find the one thing that everyone knows doesn't work properly and do something about it. When it is changed and performing the way it should make sure you tell everyone and then get started with the next project. Your statue will become a symbol for change and help to win over your teams.


Giles Johnston

Smartspeed Consulting Limited