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Where's the Impedance?

Impedance is one of those good words that, when applied to the context of business improvement, you can quickly find ideas to improve how your business operates. For example...

What gets in the way?
What obstacles are there in your business that stop you from being as fast as you can, or delivering your product or service to the highest quality levels?

How you do make it difficult to do business?
Does your business prevent your customers from doing business? Is there any way that you can re-design how your customers interact with your business so that their life becomes easier and you can deliver more products and services for them in the future?

What stops good ideas from taking effect?
If you are trying to implement changes to the way that you work what gets in the way? Can you better understand how changes are stopped (or impeded) and then design a different way for your business to behave in this area?

If you find certain activities in your business aren't happening as quickly as you would have hoped then ask yourself 'what is impeding our business?' and see what answers come up.

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