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Congratulations on achieving PAS100

A project that has recently come to fruition was for Greenleaf Recycling Ltd in Bedlington, Northumberland.

The have just gained their PAS100 / CQP accreditation, which we supported them with. PAS100 is akin to ISO9001 for compost producers, and includes a full QMS (Quality Management System), Standard Operating Procedures, HACCP controls and NCR system.

Accreditation was notified on the 24th April 2012 and our congratulations go out to Greenleaf for achieving this success.

From an on time delivery performance perspective we were particularly interested in how the lead time for compost production could be reduced, and through design of the process schedule and defining some standard working practices the lead time for compost production has been taken from 6 months down to 3 months.

You can view the Greenleaf website here.

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