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Dubious Data and OTIF

Having good data that is clean (complete and accurate) is essential in order to make appropriate decisions, especially in the quest for 100% on time delivery performance. A lot of the data that is used nowadays is driven through ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) type systems, and the quality and consistency of the entries made determines the effectiveness of the information coming out from that system.

The reason for writing this particular blog entry is that I see many businesses chasing their tails to make improvements, whether from a lean or a delivery perspective, only to find out that their improvements are in vain. In many cases it's not that the improvement wasn't a good idea, it's just that the improvement wasn't required as they have been led on a wild goose chase thanks to some bad data being used to drive decision making.

As boring as it may sound, having the necessary checks and balances within your business means more than just checking the that shop floor are consistently completing their shop floor bookings (often referred to as SFDC, or Shop Floor Data Capture). The Production Control department, Estimating, Sales, and Purchasing are all affecting the data in the system and as such need to ensure that they are being thorough and complete with their own entries.

Routine and discipline is one subject that is rarely offered up for discussion, but an area where big leaps in performance and effectiveness can be found.

How clean is your system's data?

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