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LinkedIn 'OTIF' Forum

The On Time Delivery Improvement forum on LinkedIn is now open and if you are interested in discussing practical approaches to improving your OTIF or DSA then please join us online. The link for the forum is: Smartspeed Consulting Limited Taking the frustration out of on time delivery.

Don't delay tasks because they look too big

In the course of our working days we receive tasks to complete that can appear to be bigger than usual. If we add this to our already busy work schedules then it is quite normal for us to feel overwhelmed. This overwhelm usually manifests itself as procrastination and our services and projects are then put at risk of not being delivered on time. There are two simple remedies for this problem. The first approach is to not commit to the completion of the task until we have understood (or estimated) how much work is involved and planned out how we will approach the task. This process does not need to take long and can be done in a matter of moments once we get the hang of quickly evaluating what needs to be done and how much time it requires. Often the task is not as big as it was first thought. The second approach, which is linked to the first, is to break down the task into its various elements and then use these tiny fragments to help to get progress started and to make schedulin

Your delivery problems aren't only yours!

A common phrase I hear, and you probably hear it too, is that of 'this won't work - our business is different'. The nuances of a business are different, and the combination of people, products, services, locations etc.. do make a business different. However, the various business improvement methodologies available can be applied to all types of businesses. The key is to see the commonality and adjust your approach to the method accordingly. All businesses who suffer from poor on time delivery have the same variables to play with. They all have a limited supply of resources, they have capacity constraints, they have supplier lead times, changing customer demands and bumps in the road to contend with. If your on time delivery performance is suffering and you find yourself, or the people in your business, stating that 'we're different, so that won't work' then it might be time to step back from the day to day busyness and consider the generic elements and