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Your delivery problems aren't only yours!

A common phrase I hear, and you probably hear it too, is that of 'this won't work - our business is different'.

The nuances of a business are different, and the combination of people, products, services, locations etc.. do make a business different. However, the various business improvement methodologies available can be applied to all types of businesses. The key is to see the commonality and adjust your approach to the method accordingly.

All businesses who suffer from poor on time delivery have the same variables to play with. They all have a limited supply of resources, they have capacity constraints, they have supplier lead times, changing customer demands and bumps in the road to contend with.

If your on time delivery performance is suffering and you find yourself, or the people in your business, stating that 'we're different, so that won't work' then it might be time to step back from the day to day busyness and consider the generic elements and processes that make up your business. You might find that you aren't too dissimilar from other businesses and you might also find a new approach that helps your business to perform even better.

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