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Business Process Improvement: Light at the end of the tunnel

If you're involved with process improvement projects and are finding a lot of problems coming your way as you try to deliver your projects don't worry, this is part and parcel of improvement projects. 

The is a great Chinese proverb that comes to mind when we look at this and it's “you can't polish a gem without friction”. You will encounter problems, you will encounter issues and you will encounter things don't quite work right the first time. If you approach your business process improvement projects in a step-by-step way, then you will find that your projects will proceed and will get to their intended destination. You will realise the benefits and you will complete your projects.

As long as you continue to be logical, sequential, and consistent you will find your business improvement activities will pay off. The ‘plan do check act’ process is wonderful in this instance because things do not always go ahead as planned. If you find you're struggling to get projects to reach their objectives then consider taking tiny steps and using the PDCA option as a way to improve your business.

The important thing is keep going – there is light at the end of the tunnel!

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