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Where's the process improvement data?

When you are engaging in process simplification, or process re-engineering, then having some data to hand is absolutely pivotal to the work you are doing. You do not need to have full unit cost information available before you do some form of business process re-engineering, but having no data whatsoever is a recipe for disaster when it comes to doing this kind of improvement work.

I've seen on numerous occasions businesses attempt to do business process re-engineering when they have no tangible evidence to work on and validate these decisions. If this is you then please stop!

Take the time to go and gather some data, to get some facts and figures around your business processes. You will save a lot of time in the long term if you go and get this information, too many businesses go full steam ahead without having any facts to back up the conversations that ensue once this process get started.

If you're struggling to work out what kind of data you need then come up with a very simple high-level business process map of the business and establish the kinds of parameters and information you would want to know about the business process in order for you to make educated decisions when it comes round the time you want to make changes.

When you have this suite of information you will be in possession of objective information that allows you and your team to make the right decisions about the business process. Please take the time to come properly equipped to your business process improvement projects. The rate of change you will make, and the quality of the decisions you make, will be significantly affected by this preparation.

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