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If you want to improve.... focus

If you want to make a significant improvement in how your business works then you may need to focus more.

There are so many things that don't happen in businesses because the right level of focus is not on them for a long enough period of time.

If you want to drive up your on time delivery performance then it needs to find its way into your daily conversations and be given enough time, resources, work and discussion to make a tangible improvement.

If your customer service isn't up to scratch then it needs to become centre stage until a meaningful change has taken hold.

Often we look to improve a facet of our business and we talk about it and take some action, but not enough action over a period of time to make the change take hold and stick.

If you find this happening in your business then remember the common phrase 'do less better' and pick one improvement area and stay with it until you have made a real difference.