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What is your ‘second gear’ for delivering on time?

As the year draws to a close there are many businesses who are in the middle of their peak load, particularly in the food and drink sector. Now whilst I am sure that your business is not slowing down in preparation for Christmas it can still be worthwhile considering how other businesses change gear in order to maintain their on time delivery performance.

Most businesses have specific challenges to overcome regarding their ability to deliver. Some are expected and some are unexpected.

The difference between the businesses who cope well during changing situations and the ones who suffer seems to boil down to two main things; visibility and levers.

Firstly the businesses who cope better with the bumps and troubles of business usually have a better visibility going forwards. This doesn't mean that they necessarily can see what is going to happen, but that they look forwards on a regular basis and determine if they need to change course or stay as they are.

Secondly, when the businesses who cope better do determine that a course change is required, they know what options they have available to them, or what levers they have to pull. In other words, they have a set of pre-defined courses of action to choose from. Like a sub-routine in a computer program some of these options might be rule based and indicate to the business when they need to go back to ‘normal’ ways of working.

If you are not in the middle of your peak load at work and you don’t have something similar currently in place, it might be worthwhile considering this kind of approach. Could it help with your business’ New Year’s resolutions?

Giles Johnston

Smartspeed Consulting Limited
Taking the frustration out of on time delivery.