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Do You Know How Much Effort is Required

Choose your next business improvement ideas
Don't just jump into your next
business improvement
project, be selective.
When we have a range of business improvement ideas available to us we need to be able to discriminate between them so that we can optimise our time and maximise our results.

When I speak to many businesses about this a good number of them treat all improvements as being equal, but:

  • They won't all produce the same level of benefits,
  • They won't all require the same amount of resources.
  • They won't all need the same degree of problem solving.

In summary, some ideas will be impactful, cheap and easy. Other ideas will be marginal, expensive and hard.

Discriminating between improvement opportunities in some sort of (semi) formal manner can really help a business to improve both the rate of change and the level of success endured.

Giles Johnston
Author, Consultant and Chartered Engineer