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There's Never a Good Time To Improve - So Do It Now!

When embarking on new projects with clients one of the first barriers I experience is about timing.

Everyone is so busy, and with multiple different pressures on them, that starting a process of change just seems to be at the wrong time.
Simple Continuous Improvement Method
Is it the right time for
Continuous Improvement?

In my experience there never really is a good time to engage with improvement projects, you are either struggling to cope (when things are going wrong) or struggling to cope (when things are going incredibly well)!

So, two things come to mind. 

Firstly, carve out some time regardless. There appears to never be a good time, and if you take some time out and improve the situation then you will get a benefit in some shape or form that you can build upon.

Secondly, improvement doesn't have to be onerous, it can be short, sweet and effective, just like the method we share in our guide about Continuous Improvement

If it doesn't feel like the right time to improve your business then you are probably right, but it might be worth nibbling away at something today anyway, even if it is just to get you started.

Giles Johnston
Author, Consultant and Chartered Engineer