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Stop Fighting Your MRP System

MRP systems have been around for a long time. The phrase MRP came into popular usage in the mid 1970s and although systems have gotten faster and more accessible they are still fundamentally the same. Sure, they have more bits and bobs connected to them now, but they still perform an aggregating function that can save many hours per day of laborious administration.

So why is it that we find businesses fighting their systems?

I find in many cases that the way the system is configured will determine how much you will have a fight on your hands.

If you set up the system to mimic what you do (providing you are sane of course) then the system will do your work for you in a fraction of the time.

If you set up the system in a way that doesn't incorporate your rules and logic then you find that the system is constantly trying to override what you are wanting to do. It’s like having two completely different people trying to do the same job.

Should the above sound familiar then it might be time to have a look at how your system is set up. It could be that you are sitting on a huge potential productivity gain for your business.

Giles Johnston
Author, Consultant and Chartered Engineer