Friday, 21 June 2013

Improve Your Own Way

Create your own business improvement method
If you are struggling to use
existing methods, why not
create your own?
One of my clients has been beating themselves up for not improving. Whilst I don't mind people being hard on themselves if it motivates them I have a problem when the issue is 'academic'. The issue in this case is about not being able to follow a specific text book methodology.

It's the results we're bothered about right?

For whatever reason some people just don't grasp a pre-defined methodology. They do however grasp the key principles of what is trying to be achieved. Starting there can help them to create a half-way house when it comes to an improvement approach, one they can build upon.

Your business will have nuances, variations on how it works to other businesses. Whilst the principles of improvement hold for all types of business (flexibility is the key) you can vary the application method.

If you are struggling to implement an improvement process to your business then why not come up with your own version of it? Getting it more or less right and then improving it later can be a good strategy.

Progress usually always beats procrastination.

Giles Johnston
Author, Consultant and Chartered Engineer

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