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OTIF Improvement Kit

Are Your Customers Urging You to Improve Your On Time Delivery Performance?

Price - $49.00 USD

Improve your on time delivery performance
Available for immediate download.
Your customers expect you to deliver on time.

Sometimes this is hard to do and sometimes it can seem impossible.

If you have a complex range of products, or a large volume of changing products, then this can become a tricky proposition.

Do you get lots of phone calls from your customers asking you where their orders are?
Have your customers threatened to take their order elsewhere unless you start meeting the delivery schedules?
Do your team waste lots of time trying to push orders around the business against an ever changing schedule?
Do you want to stop being ‘out of control’?

If you answered yes to any of the above and want a simpler and easier way to deliver on time then this kit is for you.

Do you want a practical solution?

My ‘On Time Delivery Kit’ has been created using the expertise I have acquired from years of delivering projects to help manufacturing businesses improve their on time delivery performance.
The kit provides you with a step by step guide to implementing the system and includes all of the forms, templates and presentations required.
If you want a practical, tried and tested, approach to simplifying the management of your factory then you are in the right place.

From 21% to 98%+ OTIF in three months?

It is possible. I’ve done it myself.
I can’t promise you overnight success in this area, but I can give you the tools to improve the right things.
My clients who have used this approach have found:
- They experience shorter manufacturing lead times
- Their ability to deliver on time increases and becomes far more stable
- Discipline and routine becomes far easier
- Fire fighting reduces (as does the number of staff running around like headless chickens)
- Control is established
- New business can be won off the back of being a great supplier
This kit includes all of the files you need to implement this system and will bolster your current Operations Management approach.

A kit built from experience

I spent part of my career as a Production Manager, I know what it can be like when you feel like you have no control and you just aren’t making progress. I have turned around the performance of factories that I have worked in and I have done it for my clients too.
This kit is a summation of those projects, into something that is easy to apply to other businesses facing the same frustrations. I haven’t created this off the back of a text book.
To back up my system I offer a money back guarantee as well. If you don’t think this kit will help your business significantly improve then just let me know and I will give you a full refund.

What’s in the kit?

Included in this kit is:
- Instruction guide on how to use this kit
- Presentation to explain the system to your staff
- Meeting agenda templates (and examples of how the short meetings should run)
- Worksheets to fine tune the system to your business
- Auditing tools, to keep the improvements in place
All of the included files are available for immediate download upon purchase.

You're just a click away from getting started

If you want your business to be:
- Organised
- In control
- More robust and objective orientated
... then it is time to take action.

This kit is available as a download. Just use the PayPal button below to purchase this kit and you will be taken to the download page.


If you have any questions once you have the kit then just drop me a line.

That’s it.

It’s over to you now.

P.S. If you are still wondering whether you should buy this kit, just ask yourself ‘how much overtime do I need to save to recoup this investment?’

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