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Are You Wanting For A Written Plan?

Having a written plan can be a very useful tool.

Just being able to capture your ideas, put them into a sequence and then work on them can make a huge difference to your ability to implement changes.

When I talk to businesses I often find that only their big projects make it into a project plan.

What about the smaller items, the mini-projects that only have a few tasks associated?

From my experience I see a lot of people in business decide that they can remember the tasks, or that it isn't worth writing the tasks down.

I suggest that if this is you that you reconsider. I don't think that every plan should be a bit ornate project plan with a Gantt chart; I think that committing your notes to paper is the point. A sheet of A4 with a heading and a list of tasks is all you need to get started.

Our days can be busy and tasks can be forgotten. Even the most informal of project plans will likely give you a benefit in your quest to improve your business.

Giles Johnston
Author of 'Business Process Re-Engineering', a practical plan to improve business performance.