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The Punctuation Of Time (For Improvement)

Time moves fast.

The phone rings, the emails land and there's your boss with your next assignment. Oh yeah, and your customers are still wanting their orders shipped on time.

Another week passes and your business performance is still at the same level...

How do you get out of this situation?

The most effective way I have found to get out of this cycle is to punctuate your working week. A small segment of the week where you decide to exit normal working and decide to look objectively at your business.

Armed with nothing more than a few good questions you can identify and improve how your business operates. With a little application you can quickly find that your business can transform allowing you to spend less time in a frantic state.

It might be painful the first couple of times, to carve out a piece of the week, but if done properly this time will be paid back many times.

Giles Johnston
Author of 'Business Process Re-Engineering', a practical plan to improve business performance.