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5W1H and Business Strategy

After an initially confusing conversation the other day with an organisation (who were in a bit of a tangle) I found my engineering background coming to the rescue.

There was debate around what should go into a business plan, particularly with respect to their strategic content.

I know that there are many ongoing debates about what makes up strategic thinking, and there are many degree courses that you can take on this subject.

So, here goes, here is my two penneth as the calendar year draws to a close!

Using the 5W1H approach (Who, Why, What, Where, When and How - check out this poem if you want a more eloquent version):

Design your vision: The Where and Why elements

Define your strategy: The What element

Develop your tactics: The How element

Distribute operational plans: The Who and When elements

This is the opinion of an engineer who strives for simplicity. If this helps you with untangling your own business plans that's great.

Giles Johnston
Author of 'Business Process Re-Engineering', a practical plan to improve business performance.