Friday, 17 January 2014

Let's Go And Find Out What's Really Going On

Another conversation with a client this week took me to a much visited place, the need to find out what is really going on.

Assumptions can work wonderfully when they are applied to stable parts of the business, elements that are already well understood and in control. They don't work as well when they are applied to parts of the business that aren't in this position. They become guesses, and left for too long these assumptions can send your business off in an unwanted direction.

As is usual with these situations, it is helpful to take a few minutes out of your diary to go and get some facts. It may also be useful to experience what it is that you need to better understand. Even just a few minutes can give you the correct information to make decisions with.

Processes, and performance, change over time. It is worth taking just a few minutes periodically to find out what is really going on so that you can make better informed decisions.

Giles Johnston
Author of 'Business Process Re-Engineering', a practical plan to improve business performance.

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