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Making ERP Housekeeping Happen

In a previous post I referred to developing ‘housekeeping’ routines that can help keep your business data in tip top shape (allowing more effective operations to ensue).

One question that gets posed to me when this approach is implemented is ‘how do you get people to take them seriously?’

That is a great question, after all if the reports are being run and the gaps are being identified then it is imperative that the gaps are closed.

Here is a simple suggestion if you are struggling with this problem too.

Add two signature lines to the top of the front page of your report. One signature for the person who is to complete the ‘closing of the gaps’ and the other for the person responsible for the system (as a receipt). Keep the reports for a few weeks, to provide a rolling view of the gaps in the system being created, until the necessary habits have formed.

Getting habits to form to maintain the quality of data in a computer system is an important topic and part of the reason it made it into my book ‘Making MRP Work’.

I hope that you get your colleagues to buy in to maintaining your system’s data quality if they haven’t already.

Giles Johnston
Author of 'Business Process Re-Engineering', a practical plan to improve business performance.