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Forming Productive Habits

A Sunrise Meeting is an
effective gathering of your routines.
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One of my clients who has been going through a significant period of change in their business said to me the other day 'it's all about forming good habits, isn't it?'

When you look at our operational issues, things that stop us from getting our products out the door in a sane manner, then a lot of the time it does depend on how good your habits are.

For me habits reads as 'routines'. When we map out our business process and understand the key inputs we have for our processes then it becomes easy to define effective routines.

The big difference in approach is between operating at 'cause' or running around at 'effect'.

At effect is what happens based (at least partially) on what you did or didn't do earlier on.

At cause is what you choose to do in order to stimulate the kinds of results you want.

Many businesses are flapping around 'at effect' and need to take some time out to define some effective routines and get back to being 'at cause'.

If you get the cause right the effects can largely take care of themselves.

Giles Johnston
...fixing MRP systems and re-engineering business processes